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Zombie Dawn - Mastermind an invasion of the undead


Game Info

Control hordes of zombie minions, wreak havoc on the 'non-deads' and take over the world!

Game Features

  • 24 levels of zombie-filled mayhem.
  • 3 varied bonus levels.
  • 8 types of power-up.
  • Zombify guards, detectives and MIBs.
  • Conquer the White House.
  • Hard mode for the truly evil.
  • Several Achievements.
  • Play for FREE!
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The undead apocalypse has arrived, but, fortunately for you, you're the one in charge! Command your zombie horde through 24 brain-chomping levels of puzzle-ing mayhem, with the sole aim of storming the White House and conquering humanity. Then, prepare yourself for another 24 levels as you take the UK (and Buckingham Palace) by storm. Zombie Dawn is full of action, strategy, puzzles and sheer undead fun.