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TerraPhoenix - Command your elite troops in this strategy game


Game Info

After nuclear war erupts in 2028, you must reunite mankind and find the cause of the disaster.

Game Features

  • 20+ missions set over four acts.
  • Research and build new equipment.
  • Discover the truth behind the war.
  • Access to all the Achievements.
  • Play for FREE!
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January 8th 2028: Without warning, the world was engulfed in a nuclear war. As the first bombs fell, the military tried to rush as many people as possible into the safety of the shelters. The surface of the earth now lies ravaged and crater-pocked. Radioactive vapours drift across the sky, turning the sunsets blood red and melting the icecaps; vast stretches of the planet now lie beneath fathoms of sea water.

There was never enough space in the bunkers and nowhere near enough time. Sixteen weeks later, in a British bunker outside Leyburn, great steel doors are about to open. It is time to breathe life into the ashes. Let Operation TERRAPHOENIX begin!