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Sumoblitz - GyojiBot commands your presence in the ring.


Game Info

GyojiBot commands your presence in the ring.

Game Features

  • Dominate weak and inferior Sumo Drones
  • Suffer humiliating defeat by superior Sumo Drones
  • Appease GyojiBot
  • Accept your fate
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Historical records have taught us that - as late as the 24th century - the human heads of state settled conflicts by practising wrestling in its purest, physical form. They called this practice Sumo, as we do, and its mechanics were much the same as our own Sumo.

But it is time, I propose, to consider an alternative scenario - a scenario for which I intend to present compelling evidence today. A scenario that, if made public knowledge, would confound even the quick wit of KosokuBot or the probing mind of SosakuBot.

For it is my earnest belief that, for the humans, Sumo was just a game.