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Miner Disturbance - Plunder the depths of a loot–filled volcano


Game Info

Mine the depths of a volatile volcano and escape with its riches before it erupts!

Game Features

  • Lots of mining equipment, like hard hats, dynamite and, er, a rock blaster.
  • Valuable minerals: copper, silver, gold, effluvium and diamonds.
  • A big volcano called Mount Magros.
  • Dynamic water, explosive gas and LAVA!
  • One determined miner called Moin.
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Can you guide Moin through Mount Magros? You’ll have to mine the precious minerals and put the murmurings of mythic miner-munching monsters out of your mind! Will you be able to escape the molten magma to make him a truly eminent miner?

Choose your equipment carefully. Will you grab the aqualung and forfeit the scanner? Can you afford to leave the gas mask behind? And what about the map? With so many decisions, random map generation and a variety of dangers along the way, Miner Disturbance is a game you will come back to again and again.