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Escape Vector - Fly through twisty caves to reclaim Earth's stolen tech


Game Info

Pilot your ship through twisty caves to reclaim Earth's stolen technology.

Game Features

  • Navigate through narrow caverns;
  • Take out alien defences;
  • Fight against physics to stop from crashing your ship;
  • Access to the 'Retrieval' levels in both Normal and Hard modes;
  • Play for FREE!
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Escape Vector pits you as Earth's finest pilot, on a mission to reclaim stolen technology. Forget thieving aliens, though: your greatest enemy is gravity, and the twisty caverns they've hidden our property in.

You'll have to carefully navigate each level, dodge and destroy alien defences and locate your prize...and that's the easy bit! Then you've got to fly back to the surface without crashing your ship or destroying our tech.

Do you think you've got the nerves, skill and determination to overcome the aliens AND the laws of physics? Good luck, Commander.