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Brick--Brac - Classic brick destruction with Brick and Brac


Game Info

Destroy bricks with your paddle and ball. Race against your friends!

Game Features

  • 30 single-player levels.
  • 16 power-ups.
  • Hotseat multiplayer for 2 people.
  • Online multiplayer for up to 5 people.
  • Play in Rated and Unrated games.
  • Access to all the Achievements.
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Brick-a-Brac is a classic bat-and-ball game in the FunOrb style. There are 30 single-player levels of various design, filled with a wealth of power-ups, moving bricks, switches and teleporters - the perfect place to start racking up some Highscores. Then there's the multiplayer, consisting of hotseat multiplayer for 2 people, or up to 5-player Rated and Unrated games. The multiplayer game is a race against time (and your opponents) to destroy as many bricks as possible, while sending your rivals some nasty power-ups to put them off their own brick destroying.