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Bachelor Fridge - Where Health and Safety dare not tread


Game Info

Breed freaky creatures in this foul fridge!

Game Features

  • Create and mutate fighting creatures by combining up to 14 foods
  • Online multi-player battles for up to 4 people
  • 3 ghastly gastronomic board themes
  • 3 battle modes to engage in
  • Play in rated games
  • Achievements to earn
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Like any self respecting bachelor, you've never taken anything out of your fridge: the Indian takeaway that you'd get back to six months ago; the block of cheese that's been there since the Titanic went down.

In Bachelor Fridge, you - the owner of a truly appalling fridge - will evolve creatures from rotting food, and enter them into combative multi-player strategy matches.

Mutate your deceptively cute creatures until they have the dirty attacks you thirst for, and then take them into the arena to crush players from around the world. Each creature can be heavily customised by feeding it the right kind of food. Three arenas await you along with three battle modes, so prepare to be disgusted and entertained by the vicious creatures you create!